ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scallops And Florals

Plain denim is just too boring nowadays. Fashionistas all over are sporting a variety of prints especially for the spring season, and this one is no different. Floral prints are usually a typical trend to expect for the warmer months. However, the way they are styled can really make you stand out from the crowd.

This “groundbreaking” trend comes in all different colors and types but this Fashionista strayed away from the normal bright colored design. Instead, she went for a more neutral, toned down interpretation of the popular print. Her black and white daisy patterned jeans are quite unique and a great way to subtly feature the classic print. The flowers are so small that from far away it’s almost as if they weren’t there.

She keeps it simple by pairing her one-of-a-kind denim with a boxy, scalloped edge blouse. I remember a few years ago when scalloped edges were something everyone wanted in their closet. From designers to DIYs, to say this trend was popular is an understatement. Surprisingly though, it didn’t last very long. Despite that, this Fashionista proves that these precisely hemmed pieces don’t need to be in for her to make it look good. Who knows, they might be making a comeback!

How To: Looking for a simple way to add trendy pieces into your wardrobe? Look no further; florals are in bloom everywhere (literally). This is probably one of the easiest prints to find and they come in such a wide variety: bright, light, big and small. The possibilities are endless so just have fun and make it your own!