ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rustic Springtime

April 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

The snow is finally saying its last goodbyes as the sun arises from the hibernation of winter. Spring is officially here, which means plenty of colorful and playful patterns also make their way out of hibernation.

Most of us would take this opportunity to start packing away our favorite sweaters and booties. This Fashionista, however, has shown how to incorporate her favorite cold-weather accessories with the trends and patterns of spring time. Being from the Midwest, this Fashionista is more than aware that just because the sun is shining and the sky is blue does not necessarily mean that it will be warm. Her twist on a more neutral spring look is inspiring and more practical for this bipolar weather.

To achieve this look, it is truly “all in the details.” Sure, anyone can throw a sweater over a dress and look trendy. What really sets this Fashionista apart is the twist on the traditional floral dress. Although spring correlates with bright colors, the choice of a subtle navy and lavender dress is chic and unexpected. Another detail that we should really appreciate is the kate spade pop of color wristlet that really makes the outfit “spring-y.” It is simple, yet really makes the outfit bold. The best thing about kate spade wristlets is that they come in all different colors and fun patterns to perfect any outfit.

The last minor details are always the shoes and the jewels. I was captivated by this Fashionista’s locket, which really added to the “rustic springtime” look. Lockets are a fashion piece that will never go out of style. Now, my favorite part of every outfit, is the shoes. When thinking of spring, we often get excited to break out our sandals from the back of our closets. However, do not be so quick to pack away the booties. Brown booties can still be a cozy look to make your outfit really rustic.

How To: Don’t be so quick to conform to the bright trends spring often brings, especially if your personality is more mellow. To perfect the rustic springtime look, go neutral earth tones, but with a floral twist. Pair it with a light sweater to make the outfit less bulky. For accessories, stick to browns, but don’t be afraid to make a statement with a bright accessory.