November 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

There is a reason fall seems to be almost everyone’s favorite season. The beautiful reds, oranges and yellows are not just on the trees but on everyone’s outfits as well. Since it’s fall, everyone has an urge to dress their best. Yet, the slow drop in temperatures has students throwing sweaters and jackets over their outfits making it hard for personal style to pop. No matter how cute and trendy your coat may be, you (and your peers) will get tired of seeing the same thing day in and day out. A fantastic way to spice things up is with some weather appropriate shoes and simple accessories.

This Fashionisto’s sturdy boots and modern watch add visual interest to an outfit that is very simple on its own. Well-made leather shoes will last through fall and will be a perfect transition to winter as the temperatures drop and the rain turns to snow. This particular boot can go with a multitude of styles from classy to casual. The watch on the other hand, adds clean sophistication (not to mention time management) in contrast to the boots. Modern watches have been growing in popularity and are a classic way to keep track of time. Together, this outfit is appropriate for rustic fall bonfires or dinner at a trendy restaurant in the city.

This Fashionisto completes his look with a deep red sweater, which is cooled down by a blue T-shirt and warmer khaki pants. By rolling up the hem of his pants, he pulls attention to the shoes. The simplicity of the rest of the look allows the watch and shoes to stand out as focal points of the outfit.

How To: A sturdy pair of boots is always a good investment. Look for a pair that is neutral in color and a watch that has clean lines to contrast each other. By keeping the rest of the outfit simple, you will allow the rustic chic touches to shine through.