ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rock ‘n' Floral

If you are anything like me, color is fun, fantastic, happy and bright. With that being said, when it comes to my wardrobe, sticking to the neutral basics is my vibe. Spring fashion seems to always bring in a rush of pastel palettes and floral prints, to get us all in tune with the season! But if that’s not you, have no fear!

I found a Fashionista who is rocking the spring floral trend, yet with her own original edgy twist! With more neutral colors, this Fashionista chose to rock gray skinny jeans, a black lace camisole, black booties and a gray floral embroidered and fringed kimono.

The beauty of this Fashionista is her eloquent combination of a dainty spring floral trend, and a personal rock-n-roll edge. The black tank top, with lace detail, she opted for contributes to the sweet, spring floral vibe. Her kimono is the statement of the outfit and subtly screams the spring floral trend. With embroidered flowers across the entirety, and fringe around the bottom, the rock ‘n’ floral is embodied. The black booties pull the look together, and keep this Fashionista’s outfit edgy yet, feminine and dainty.

How To: Want to rock a look like this fabulous Fashionista? Grab a pair of gray or black skinny jeans (I’m sure you’ve got a pair in your closet!). Snag a black camisole or tank top, the more lace the better to add that dainty spring touch! Put on a pair of black booties. Last but not least, grab the detail piece; a floral kimono. This brings the whole look together and adds the spring floral, detail that this Fashionista is rocking, with an edgy rock ‘n’ roll vibe! As always, remember, more important than the detail of the kimono is the confidence you carry! Rock the look, because you are fabulous!