ALL IN THE DETAILS: Ripped Not Rugged

April 26th, 2016 at 2:10am

Though spring is very much upon us, April showers are far from done. It’s not time to completely hang up our sweaters, hoodies and pants and this Fashionisto showed us that it’s quite alright. With a forecast of constant clouds and rain, it can be extremely difficult to dress for every environment, whether it be from class to class or rain to sudden sunshine. However, the versatility of layering and paying attention to the details of our wardrobe can save us a bunch of trouble.

This stylish student had the right idea for his jam-packed, rainy day; Adorning the notorious Yeezy 950 boots, this Fashionisto threw on a graphic T-shirt, a vivid Surf Style pullover and a classic staple: light-wash denim jeans with perfect rips at the knee. Comfortability is without a doubt, the most important factor in day-to-day wear. Jeans can often seem suffocating or a hassle when on the move but a rip or two can make a big difference. With all the hype and trendiness of skinny jeans, throwing on a non-fitted pair of your favorite denim with rips opens up the air flow, lessens leg restriction and manages to give a very relaxed look. Layering T-shirts, sweaters, flannels and rain jackets with ripped jeans makes for countless shoe options and comfort levels. This Fashionsto’s sick twist on streetwear helps show that a distressed look and a stressful schedule can actually go together quite nicely.

How To: There are certainly many levels to distressed denim, but always go with what works for you. Not ready to hang up your fall or winter wear just yet? No problemo. If you choose to wear denim shorts, skirts or your ideal pair of ripped jeans, make sure you feel good in it. Being able to move comfortably is key.