ALL IN THE DETAILS: Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

There was a time when it seemed almost impossible to find a stylish substitute for skinny jeans and jeggings. However, that’s no longer an issue. Ripped boyfriend jeans are the relaxed yet fitted solution that appears as if you’ve borrowed them from the boys without actually looking like one. I’m a firm believer that this slouchy pant should be a closet staple for every girl around the fashion block. Contrary to popular belief, these jeans can be extremely figure-flattering and the look does not necessarily have to be masculine or menswear-inspired. The laid back yet sophisticated look allows room for versatility in outfit approaches. On the top, it can be paired with anything from an equally baggy white T-shirt to an oversized blazer. On the bottom, it can be paired with anything from oxfords to stilettos. The choices are endless and it only comes down to personal preference.

This Fashionista wore perfectly torn boyfriend jeans with a loose, embroidered white shirt. The way that she paired her outfit with a utility jacket and two-toned oxfords created a casual, comfortable look without appearing sloppy. The balance evened out the extreme rips in her pants and had just the right amount of femininity to add a tomboy effect. She completed her outfit with a must-have accessory in hand: a cup of coffee!

How To: Want to switch your wardrobe up this spring? Add a pair of boyfriend jeans to your closet. This piece creates the perfect balance between relaxation and sophistication. If you want to go for that nonchalant look, wear it with a baggy white T-shirt and pointed heels. Or, if you are feeling bold, wear it with a button-down blouse, suede ankle boots and a fedora.