ALL IN THE DETAILS: Reverse Your Wardrobe

I know what you’re all thinking, why is this Fashionisto still wearing an outfit that consists of a jacket and tons of layers? Well, if you live anywhere on the East Coast you would understand that this look is appropriate for these outrageous weather changes. After having a few days of it being sunny and 75 we were surprised with a huge snow storm, which in fact, got me my first snow day since being at Kent State University. But that’s beside the point. I spotted this Fashionisto a few days after the snow storm wearing an awesome look suited for this changing weather.

To start off his outfit this Fashionisto is wearing a pair of ripped black jeans from ASOS. He put those jeans on with a black sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters, a gray T-shirt from H&M, and a flannel from Urban Outfitters. For shoes, he has a pair of tan lace-up combat boots also from Urban Outfitters.

Now, can we talk about this jacket? He purchased this NASA jacket from Alpha Industries. The jacket is definitely the focal point of his look. At first glance, you might think this is just a basic navy blue bomber jacket with a few patches on it but no, you can reverse it! This jacket is great for styling many different looks. For a more reserved look you can wear it with the blue side out and if you are feeling extra bold that day you can wear it with the orange side out.

With the bomber jacket and those combat boots, this Fashionisto stands out in the best way possible. Purchasing a jacket similar to this one is a great way to have the versatility of reversing it and creating tons of different outfits with it.