When scouring your closet for the perfect outfit, you can never go wrong with a nod to some of the most iconic decades of our stylish predecessors. One of my personal favorite eras of fashion is the ’60s. With its fabulous bouffants, cat-eye eyeliner and perfectly cropped mini dresses, it is the epitome of sophisticated sexiness and chic nonchalance. The models of this period exude an air of effortlessness but are no less than immaculately dressed.

Walking down the streets of Commonwealth Avenue, this Fashionista caught my eye with her mod look. Her ensemble immediately calls to mind the likes of legendary British model Twiggy, creating a contemporary take on a retro style. This Fashionista dons a simple black and white striped mini dress, replete with a high neckline and classic A-line structure. The high hemline of her dress is complemented by her tall over-the-knee socks, accentuating the long, lean silhouette so popular in the ’60s. Her characteristically trendy loafers (which seem to remain relevant no matter the decade) are the perfect addition to her refined outfit. Her cat-eye sunglasses, which parallel the ’60s dramatic eye-liner, add that extra bit of flair, while a string of silver chain necklaces creates an element of edge to an otherwise emulated look. All in all, she oozes that quality of ease that we all strive to achieve when getting dressed in the morning.

How To: Opt for a structured dress with a minimalist pattern. You can either go with bare legs or add a pair of tall socks or tights for more coverage. Remember that conservative necklines balance short hemlines. Add a polished coat and a pair of elegant sunnies for the ultimate ’60s-inspired look.