ALL IN THE DETAILS: Red, White, Blue And You

As we gear up for a celebration of our nation’s day of independence, we’re instantly reminded of fireworks, barbeques and red, white and blue of course. Time to break out those American flag print bikinis and tank tops right? It looks like everyone’s got the memo about the color scheme, so how can one differentiate oneself from the hoards of other partygoers? Stay away from in-your-face American flag graphics, and instead opt for simple pieces that fit the color palette that will leave you with a simple look that oozes an air of understated cool–because we’re all really striving for that I-care-but-I-don’t-care-that-much look.

While it may not be obvious at first glance, this Fashionisto has his Fourth of July outfit down pat, so men, take some fashion cues! His lightweight red sweater, navy blue button-down and striped white sneakers pay homage to our nation’s colors without looking like a walking American flag. Plain cuffed khakis keep the outfit clean, which maintains the focus on the colors in the outfit. A simple black faux leather backpack is a practical day bag for all your Fourth of July essentials: sunscreen, sunnies, snacks and a change of clothes, because who knows where your day will take you. As the saying goes, everything is good in moderation, so if you’re feeling extra patriotic you can throw on a pair of cute novelty socks for a little peak of color.

The great thing about wearing clothes that fit the color scheme rather than wearing the actual flag print, is that it allows you to customize your outfit and really make it your own. If you want to wear a red skirt, white crop top and blue booties, then go for it because the Internet is an amazing place where you will no doubt find everything you’re looking for. There’s no correct way to dress for the Fourth of July, so wear what make you, well, you.

How To: Scour the web, check out your favorite stores or DIY the perfect red, white and blue outfit. It’s all about looking effortless, so opt for simple pieces and accessories.