ALL IN THE DETAILS: Read The Fine Print

September 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

You know that one trend we love to see gracing the runways but are a bit apprehensive to give it a go ourselves? Yes, that trend: mixing prints. It’s a sure way to spice up your solid office attire and upgrade your lazy day get-up. Whether you’re dressed in an array of neutrals or vibrant pastels, the contrast of mixed prints will have everyone make a double-take. Can you blame them? After all, it’s always best to read the fine print!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this Fashionisto definitely had me bent over backwards trying to get a better look at his intricate uniform. On his way out to town for a few errands and meetings, this Fashionisto sported his sophisticated gear and it has made the gloomy day brighter. Starting from the top, he styled this look with a classic burgundy fedora. By pairing the fedora with his lightweight navy trench coat, this look screams 21st Century classic man! Keeping consistent with the overall look, he went for a pair of smart grey slim fit trousers and cozy loafers. He also accessorized with a tie clip, a watch, a pair of navy suspenders and a striped computer bag because who says work can’t be fun! Last but not least, the focal point of this Fashionisto’s ensemble is his dauntless decision to pair his navy, brick red and white striped tie with his navy and white button-down, adorned in polka-dots.

The art of mixing prints has no boundaries. You can mix your favorite prints whenever or however you want! It doesn’t always have to be a polka-dot shirt with a striped tie. You step outside of the box and pair your herringbone joggers with a camouflage beanie or pair your chevron clutch with your floral print dress. The choice is yours! And what’s better than taking today’s trends and incorporating them into your own style, right?

How To: The number one (and pretty much the only one) rule in mixing prints is making sure that whichever two prints you mix have similar colors. Like demonstrated in our Fashionisto’s look, he wore a navy and white button-down with a navy, red and white tie. The rest is up to you! Pick your favorite prints, then pick your favorite colors. Now you can create your own fine print!

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