Some of us Fashionistas dress plain Jane (but still very stylish), some of us dress with the addition of every accessory we can find and some of us are right in the middle—we add a few adorable details to our outfits to make it unique yet subtle. Our Fashionista pulled off that ‘unique yet subtle’ appeal through her combination of key clothing pieces and small details.

Surprise, surprise—that’s what I got when I saw the back of this Fashionista’s outfit. I already though her look was on point when I saw her walking to class but then she turned around and I saw a detail that just topped the ensemble off. This Fashionista is rocking a pair of [super] dark wash skinny jeans with an amazing pair of booties. The contrast of the booties and jeans are a unique feature that add a tough vibe to the outfit. She adds a couple of jewelry pieces that allow your eye to flow from element to element and brings the outfit together. One of them is her cool, golden statement necklace that has black designs etched into it. A second unique detail of the look is the beautiful stone ring on her middle finger. The ring has an antique appeal to it, which contrasts yet complements the entire ensemble. Last but not least—my favorite detail of the outfit—the wording on the back of her shirt.

When I think of the positioning of logos, slogans or messages on shirts, I always imagine them in one of three places: 1) on a front pocket 2) on the front middle 3) on the middle of the back. To the contrary, this Fashionista was sporting a plaid button-down with wording printed on the back of the bottom! That little bit really pushed her look over the top and, of course, it supported the ultimate saying, “It’s all in the details.”

How To: Want to surprise those who are already admiring your awesome outfits? Throw on a piece that you can only see from a certain angle or find an item that has a strange detail—big or small—to send a little shock to those looking!