ALL IN THE DETAILS: (Rain) Coat Love

April 27th, 2016 at 2:00am

Per usual, Texas is experiencing temperament weather patterns. Instead of sunshine and heat to welcome the commencement of the semester, we’re enduring cold fronts with spring showers. Adorning cutoff shorts and crop tops, to oversized raincoats is a transition that can seemingly be overwhelming, coupled with end of the year stress. With the assistance of today’s Fashionista, embracing winter with your outwear accessories has never been so flawless.

The objective is to allow your outerwear to become the focal point of your ensemble—it will get you through the endless days of gray skies! Not solely used for brisk, rainy winds between buildings, your coat should be the foundation of your ensemble to be adorned for protection and style throughout the day. Most versatile in a neutral color, her camel colored coat allows for bright accessories while still maintaining balance with cuffed denim. On her feet, she’s selected pointed nude and plaid flats, which are second best to rain boots (optimal feet drying time!) and match her dangly earrings. The next vital element is wrapped around her neck: a knit scarf. Whether infinity, square or rectangle, this accessory is a go-to for adding extra polish to your ensemble. Finally, once the rain ceases but humidity remains, a headband assists in maintaining the locks—especially for us curly girls!

Utilizing your favorite coat and scarf creates an effortless ensemble that transitions you from outdoor to classroom. Producing a versatile look that allows for layering and adjustments throughout your day is ideal. With two pieces and a forthcoming thunderous spring season, today’s look is one to recreate pronto!

How To: Since showers seem to linger, investing in a coat is ideal. Regardless of the color or print, allow it to be fully utilized not just as outerwear but also as an easily layered statement piece. Finalize your look with a cute scarf and a headband or hat to fit your aesthetic.