Nothing says movie night like a rainy day, but a day spent in your bed with your favorite movie probably isn’t the smartest route for your GPA (as much as we all wish it was). While no one wants to look like a wet dog lugging soaked study guides from class to class, don’t be afraid to brave the rain this spring! Check out this Fashionista’s rain gear for a bright take on a gloomy day.

Let’s start with the boots. Hunter Boots are a trend that are sweeping college campuses across the nation, and rightfully so! Admittedly, I was reluctant to purchase a pair of rain boots for fear of feeling like a duck. After finally taking my mom’s advice, I can say I’m a firm believer. Rain boots come in all shapes and styles ranging anywhere from ankle length and patterned to knee-high and matte black. College style is all about finding a balance between cute and practical. Trust me when I say these boots will make tromping through puddles on campus enjoyable. This Fashionista threw on some knee-high socks for added warmth and a cozy flare.

Her light raincoat provides a sleek, waterproof layer, sticking with the rain gear theme. Here’s where you can start to have a little more fun. There is a raincoat for every personality type; so let your quirks shine through. From polka-dots to monochromatic, the options are endless. This Fashionista is wearing a sportier version, detailed with ruffles and a hood.

Lastly, the umbrella. What’s a rainy day with out a good umbrella? Here is yet another option to get creative. Her bright pink umbrella adds a vibrant splash of color to the dreary outdoors. Top your look off with some simple jewelry and you have an awesome rainy day outfit.

Rain gear doesn’t have to be boring and dull; so get out of bed, turn off the movie and venture outside.

How To: Pair a your rain boots with a fun umbrella and moisture-wicking jacket. Even better, grab a hooded rain jacket so that you can ditch that umbrella during a light drizzle.


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