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May 9th, 2016 at 2:07am

Hey Fashionistas! Sahana here, back with my last post of the spring! This time around, it is all about the bomber jacket. And not just your classic color like khaki, army green or black. This week, it is all about the statement bomber.

Fun fact: the bomber jacket actually has its roots in the Cold War. Many of the flight pilots would sport this jacket as their uniform when fulfilling their duties to protect our nation. Decades later, here we are, bringing back the old style, because as history repeats itself, so does fashion. However, this time around there is a twist. Many of our favorite fashion retailers such as Zara and Topshop have been manufacturing bomber jackets of all colors and styles, from mesh bomber jackets to floral, embroidered bombers to satin bombers.

This Fashionista did an excellent job styling her not-so-typical bomber jacket. This beautiful bomber sports a quilted detailing and silver hardware, while also happening to be a beautiful shade of blue. The pieces this Fashionista paired with her bomber jacket should serve as a template for all of those who are rocking a bomber. She paired her bomber with such flowy, simple and light colors to create cohesive look. The gray sweater, light wash denim and white sneakers all complement the bomber jacket to make an aesthetically pleasing ensemble centered around the jacket.

I hope this helped you all style your bomber jacket, statement jacket or whatever it may be. Have an amazing rest of the spring semester, Fashionistas/os, and I will catch you again in the summer!

How To: Pair your bomber jacket with simple pieces and you can achieve this look, too! Always make sure that whatever piece you center your look around, whether it be a bomber jacket or a statement jacket, the surrounding pieces are simple to keep the attention on that specific statement piece. Follow that simple rule, and you are good to go!