ALL IN THE DETAILS: Queen Of Embellishing

June 2nd, 2015 at 2:10am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Queen Of Embellishing

The Sunshine State tends to live up to its name, and this summer is no different. With the increasing temperatures, shorts are becoming shorter and tops are becoming tinier. Though this is a common fashion trend here in South Florida, this Fashionista took this norm and added her own personal head-to-toe touch by adorning her outfit with a mix of silver and gold accessories. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentleman, silver and gold.

If you had a mini heart attack just now, it’s probably because you strictly oppose the mixing of metals. Well, sit down, take some notes and let this Fashionista school you. She expertly executes this daring trend by pairing delicate silver and gold jewelry with an ensemble just as delicate. Her scalloped laser cut shorts, black strappy sandals and Michael Kors bag provided unity in her outfit, and her red halter crop top added a pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic color palette. Mixing metals complements the different tones in the look—the gold brings out the warmth of the red top, and the silver goes well with her black shorts and bag.

How To: To imitate this look without overwhelming your outfit, pick an array of thin jewelry pieces like a small body chain or a set of midi rings like this Fashionista did. Then pair that with a base color that would provide a sense of harmony in your outfit. There was a time when mixing metals was a major fashion don’t. Times are changing; be bold, have fun and go ahead and try this trend out to add warmth and texture to your style!