ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pumpkins and Football and Rain Boots, Oh My!

Fall is finally here and we all know what that means: pumpkin everything, football season and-most importantly-fall fashions. But if you live somewhere that the seasons don’t change from hot to cold but rather from hot to rainy and hot then you understand that fall is a little different for us Floridians. While everyone else is already pulling out their scarves, beanies and booties, we are pulling out our anoraks, umbrellas and rain boots. But have no fear, there are some style perks that come with such gloomy weather that can help you avoid the rainy day blues.

This Fashionista did not let the gray skies ruin her good vibes. She is rocking her rain boots and is dressed to take on the 80 degree humidity. Now, I know not everyone needs rain boots, especially if your commute usually consists of more driving than walking, but if you are on a college campus, rain boots are a necessity. If you are walking miles on miles a day, the last thing you want is to slip out of your sandals and bust it because the weather was out to get you. But your rain boots do not have to be only for practical purposes and bring down your whole ensemble. This Fashionista used her fishy printed rain boots to tie together her fun fall outfit.

This Fashionista completes this looks by wearing a loose, white dress, thin jacket and simple jewelry. Just as an added bonus, her hair is perfectly done despite the humidity. I have no advice on how to achieve that so kudos to you, girl.

How To: Afraid of being that awkward person who wears rain boots because your weather app said it would rain but it doesn’t end up actually raining? This may only be my fear but if it happens to be yours too than my advice is to go for it anyways. One of the only perks of such ugly weather is the chance to rock a pair of cute rain boots.