As Labor Day is around the corner, the preppy look is coming back full swing. As the trend of white pants and shorts is coming to an end, the time to break them out is now! This Fashionisto is sporting the white shorts and the button-down—perfect as the weather is getting cooler and the new school year is around the corner.

This Fashionisto is wearing red Ralph Lauren tennis shoes that add a casual touch to the outfit he is wearing. The shorts he is wearing are a white wash and help make the outfit look like the summertime. He chose to pair the shorts with a denim button-down, which makes the outfit look preppy, like a school uniform, and makes the outfit have a classy element. This Fashionisto also added a watch to the outfit, which is sleek and all-black with a white band. This was a good watch to match with the outfit because it is not flashy and matches the sleek and clean look of the outfit. The white band matches the white pants and adds a lighter background from the black watch face.

How To: A way to make this outfit more casual is to add a plain or graphic T-shirt to the outfit instead of the denim button-down because it adds a more careless look. Or you can add a V-neck in any color of your choice to match the color of your shoes. To make the outfit classier than it is, add a pair of white pants instead, add a white and a silver belt to it and tuck it in to a button-down.