ALL IN THE DETAILS: Power to the Pattern

As summer progresses, Fashionistas everywhere are ditching plain colors and switching to patterns—and this Fashionista is no exception! Bright, vibrant patterns worn strategically on an outfit can draw in just the right amount of attention as you hit the town on those warm and sunny days.

This Fashionista has mastered the art of drawing attention to herself, but not so much attention to the point that it becomes unwanted. Her patterned harem pants are clearly the focal point of her outfit and, if she weren’t careful, could almost overshadow the rest of her outfit. However, by adding a cream lace tank top ,she is able to subtlety add another pattern and make sure that her entire outfit is radiant without taking away from the strong pattern of her pants. Additionally, her effortless beach waves combined with the harem pants help give off the perfect boho vibe.

This Fashionista knows just how loud and vibrant her pants are and because of this, she keeps her accessories simple. On her feet are basic strappy sandals with a hint of shine that reflects in the summer sun. She opts to keep her nails unpainted, again with the bohemian energy, and wears delicate bracelets and dainty rings. Stone jewelry, such as the turquoise ring the Fashioinsta wears, is making a big comeback this summer and pairs nicely with the earthy, carefree style this Fashionista effortlessly portrays.

How To: Tired of wearing the same old thing over and over? Add a patterned pair of pants, a shirt or even a headwrap to spice up your wardrobe! Just remember to keep it subtle by pairing your patterned piece with something less dramatic like a neutral-colored contrast piece.