Spring fashion is filled with fun accessories, shorter hemlines and pastels. Pastels are perfect for adding color to your outfit without going overboard. Now that the sun is out and temperatures are rising, pastels make for a functional fashion choice as well. Typically when thinking of lighter colors we may automatically think pinks, purples and blues, which are cool tones. It can be more difficult to spot someone sporting warm tone pastels such as yellow or orange.

This Fashionisto made a bold choice when incorporating a pastel yellow into his outfit. He was smart to pair the yellow button-down with monochrome pieces. Wearing all pastels or all monochrome can risk washing you out, but marrying the two makes for a well balanced ensemble. He kept his accessories to a minimum which worked for this look as a pop of pastel makes for a statement piece in itself. This Fashionisto paired his button-down with pale gray shorts which made this outfit very spring appropriate, especially with the airy material. To make a more casual look he wore gray sneakers with black crew socks while his blue reflective aviators pull this outfit all together.

How To: Not sure how to incorporate pastels into your wardrobe? Taking small steps can dramatically enhance an outfit.Try adding fun accessories to monochrome colors such white or black or pair with neutrals. A pastel necklace on a white dress can really make a statement with little effort. Pastel colored shoes or a shirt can add a bold pop of color to any attire. Just remember to have fun with it!