ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pleats and Thank You

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pleats and Thank You

Just as we are finally moving and grooving into the spring semester, the weather in Philadelphia decides to drop to thirty degrees one day, and then goes back up to sixty degrees the next. Most of us have just brought most of our spring and summer clothes back home over winter break. That means when the weather opts to be super warm and sunny, we find ourselves having nothing to wear. However, your most fashionable outfit can simply be made up of many basics and one statement piece.

We are all bound to have at least one skirt in our winter/spring transitioning wardrobe. Not only super easy to throw on and have extreme comfort, skirts are such versatile articles of clothing that can virtually be worn all year long; with the right accessories. By themselves, they are a staple spring and summer piece. Or with tights, they can work just fine in the fall and winter. But what about this odd time of year when the weather doesn’t know if it wants it to be winter or spring? Don’t worry, this Fashionista has you covered. (Yes, pun intended.)

This Fashionista was spotted, strolling along my campus wearing a pleated, a-line skirt from the WhoWhatWear collection at Target. The 2017 WhoWhatWear spring collection just came out at Target and it has me so excited for spring! I love the pleated detail on her skirt. The piece also has a bright luster, which is what caught my eye.

She paired this skirt with a plain black t-shirt from Zara. To keep her warm, she added a cropped faux leather jacket from H&M and a black infinity scarf. To keep the comfort level high, she opted for some Puma sneakers, which are great for trekking around campus.

I hope this article helps you out if you find yourself stuck finding an outfit during this weird time of year!