ALL IN THE DETAILS: Plaid, Preppy And Pretty Awesome

Patterns are truly all the rage. They enhance an outfit and impress the opposite sex. I spotted this Fashionisto strolling around the quad rocking his outfit from head to toe. What truly made me go up to him were his awesome pants that I could spot from a mile away. He wasn’t wearing any funky colored pants, or with a crazy pattern, but ones with just the right amount of detail. His carefully constructed outfit made him a standout in a crowd of Syracuse apparel clothes.

After pulling him aside, I was able to look at the execution of each component of his look. His Vineyard Vines khakis were the staple piece in his outfit. The simple yet classy fleece patterned fold over bottom were a unique take on a preppy pant. He nicely complemented the dark blue shades in the fleece by pairing it with a Chubbies limited edition long-sleeve shirt. This comfortable cotton material acts as a great transition piece into warmer weather.

He was prepared for the cool morning walk to class with his Aztec patterned Patagonia. The mountain climber warmth in the material is a year-round piece that is a staple and a bang for your buck! Similar to almost every guy on the face of the earth, this Fashionisto was rocking the classic Timberland boots. The more ruffed up the better, taking it from construction worker to frat bro.

How to: This look is easily replicated by getting yourself the classic Timberlands. Check out the flannel lined khakis. Finally, add the fan favorite—a preppy Patagonia.