What patterns should you wear this summer? Polka dots? Paisley? Stripes? Any of these patterns would be good this summer, but my personal favorite pattern is plaid. The versatility of the plaid pattern makes it especially easy to wear in any season. Depending on the weather, plaid can be worn as a flannel, jacket, shirt or endless other things. The most stylish trend this summer is plaid dresses.

This Fashionista is wearing a black and white plaid LOFT dress. This sleeveless dress is paired with a simple, black sweater from H&M. The sweater makes this dress more appropriate for special events, but can be removed if the summer sun is too hot.

This outfit is very monochromatic, with the exception of the shoes. With a pop of color, these wedges really make the outfit stand out. Yellow is a good color choice for summer because it is bright and cheerful. Shoes do not always have to be expensive either. These affordable wedges are from Target.

In addition to her amazing shoes, this Fashionista is wearing a chunky, silver spoon ring. Also, she is wearing a pearl, Pandora ring. These rings really make the outfit complete. Any good Fashionista knows that accessories really complete any look.

Keep in mind that summer is the best season to play around with new looks. Plaid is a fun, easy way to make your style stand out!

How To: Afraid to wear too much plaid? Instead of wearing a fully plaid dress, perhaps wear a simple plaid tank top with jeans. Throw in some colored sandals and you’ll be ready for summer!