Spring is finally here! With the weather beginning to warm up and winds becoming less harsh we can now subtly layer our favorite spring pieces together pairing them into an amazing outfit. Spring also allows Fashionistas/os to break out those fresh sneakers and vibrant colors for a day on campus with near perfect weather. This Fashionisto exuded all of these elements that make spring fashion great.

By layering a plaid flannel which also complemented the green T-shirt the Fashionista wore under it, he set the mood for his outfit. The flannel’s plaid color scheme helped both tops balance each other out and not wash the other out, especially considering how similar the green in both pieces appear. The flannel also had denim on the shoulder blades, giving the button-down a unique flare that most flannel don’t have. I enjoyed how the Fashionisto tapered his jeans to shine light on his pair of Reebok sneakers. The color tone of the shoes really meshed well with the rest of the outfit. The tube socks he wore also gave the ensemble a bit of character helping appease the overall look of the outfit.

An add-on this Fashionisto sported, which gave him and his outfit a hint of flare, was the neon blue bookbag. I thought that was a great accessory which helped give his overall outfit more of a spring feel.

How To: Plaid is a timeless fabric pattern that will always be relevant in fashion some shape or form. And is universal and can easily be incorporated into an outfit. Tie it around your waist or actually put it on. Attempt at finding your own unique way of wearing plaid and you will not regret it!