ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pile on the Layers

The fun in dressing for cold weather is hands down in the beauty of layering – if done right. Twitter and Instagram users all agree that “sweater-weather,” “beanie-weather” and “layering” has finally arrived and its about time. The cold weather makes getting out of bed just as hard as deciding what to wear to keep warm without looking like the Michelin man. I admit, layering takes a bit of practice to get right but it is very well worth it at the end of the day. Layering can make your outfit look simple, yet complex with the help of an extra sweater or a flannel.

This Fashionisto’s outfit is the perfect example of minimal layering done right to achieve an, “I tried, but not too hard,” look. The key to layering, from experience, is keeping the main outfit basic and not too loose-fitting. For example, our Fashionista here is wearing a red T-shirt with a pattern which is a great choice since he is adding layers which might’ve been too warm if he wore, say, a thermal long sleeve. Skinny jeans were the best option for this Fashionisto because the tight leg leads the eye to the torso where a majority of layers are piled on. As stated previously, an extra layer can be a flannel shirt, a sweater, a vest or pretty much anything that goes over a T-shirt and under another piece of clothing. What I like about this Nike zip-up hoodie is that it is sporty, yet polished enough to be worn with jeans and the jacket closes so that the neck is protected therefore eliminating the need for a scarf and saving the Fashionisto from looking bulky or messy.

How To: Try out these fail safe steps to get the perfect layered look: start off with tight and minimal clothes like a T-shirt and jeans or leggings. Let your layer bring all the frill by adding a knitted cardigan, denim button up or multicolored flannel which becomes the focus of the outfit. To top it all of for a cozy and warm feel, add a simple down coat.