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September 14th, 2015 at 2:06am

Whilst walking up the stairs to the third floor of my residence hall, a flash of white came into my view. Quickly, I realized that this white flash was a shoe, and a unique one at that. At first, I thought they were Converse, but further analysis of the shoe determined I was incorrect. They were one of my favorite shoes, PF Flyers. These shoes carry a rich history rooted in authentic American style and this outfit embodies just that. Not only that, but all white shoes are so on trend right now, with numerous shoe companies such as adidas, Nike and Vans becoming the top choice for so many Fashionistas/os.

This Fashionisto, in particular, caught my eye due to the complementary colors weaved throughout his outfit, giving the appearance of being put together, but not overly matching. While plaid button up shirts are usually attached to the stigma of being stuffy and studious (and even a bit nerdy!), pairing them with bermuda shorts ,similar to his, bring a quirky but cool factor to an outfit. Combined with the other pieces of the look, his neutral tortoise shell glasses are the perfect final touch. They are bold enough in their shape, but still retain a minimalist factor so that the outfit doesn’t look costume-esque. This outfit contains all the elements of a typical “nerd” costume you might wear for Halloween, but because of the cut of his shorts, the uniqueness of his shoes and casual fit of his shirt, it becomes more wearable for everyday life.

How To: To copy this Fashionisto’s look, incorporate pieces like a button-down shirt in a bold pattern similar to this or this, as a way to stand out and draw the eye up. Bermuda shorts that hit right above the knee will also give your outfit an individual quality that may make them look too small, resulting in those around you questioning there purpose, but that’s what’s on trend, y’know? Last but not least, you MUST have a pair of PF Flyers (or shoes of a similar style). When you’ve got all this, you’re ready to roll!