ALL IN THE DETAILS: Perfect Princess

May 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

I found a princess on campus this week. Well…maybe not an actual princess but close enough. This Fashionista’s look screams fantasy, and not just because of her “Happily Ever After” T-shirt. Every element of her outfit was carefully selected to create the most adorable ensemble. This Fashionista simply looks like she is starring in her own modern fairytale.

The statement piece of her look is an absolutely gorgeous tulle skirt. Around the bottom section of the skirt is a pretty scene of greenery and castles. Tulle is unusual to see outside of a dance class and most people shy away from this eye-catching fabric. However, this Fashionista proves that tulle is relatively easy to wear. Not to mention, the resulting look is incredibly beautiful. The tulle skirt makes this Fashionista an automatic standout. The rest of her outfit follows the same fantasy theme with her T-shirt featuring an iconic phrase and gold necklace with a charm of Cinderella’s missing slipper. The nude flats with scalloped edging polish out this Fashionista’s feminine ensemble.

This look is so infused with cheer that it is impossible to not smile when seeing this Fashionista walking around campus. She is an excellent example of someone that is having fun with fashion and being creative about what they choose to wear. A tulle skirt is a perfect way to branch out and experiment with style. The added bonus is that some people may even mistake you for a real life princess!

How To: The tulle skirt is a daring choice, but do not let that deter you. If a pattern is a little too much for you, why not try one in a more neutral shade like black? Tulle is a fun fabric that everyone should tryout in their wardrobe. Just go for it!