ALL IN THE DETAILS: Perfect in Plaid

December 9th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Perfect in Plaid

One of the best things about fall and winter and the colder weather is that you can begin to layer your outfits with your favorite accessories. Often when the cold weather rolls around, people tend to pull out the dark colors and keep it rather monotone. However, a hint of color and patterns never killed anybody.

I loved this Fashionista’s outfit when I saw it. Her red dress is cute by itself, but accessorizing by adding layers, such as this plaid scarf, really makes an outfit pop with color. The good thing about plaid is that it can easily be incorporated into any outfit when you have a scarf that matches the main piece of the outfit. I love this Fashionista’s choice of booties for this outfit because they are a neutral aspect of the outfit, but they are still fashionable and add dimension to the outfit. Finally, I love how this Fashionista added her black hat to accessorize even more and add the finishing touch to make a well-rounded look.

While there are many different ways to accessorize, this Fashionista mastered it with the plaid scarf to accent the red in her dress but also the black in her hat. As it gets colder outside, take inspiration from this Fashionista and add layers to your outfit to keep you warm. Wearing plaid is a great way to be warm and still fashionable at the same time. Find a perfect plaid accessory to add that extra touch, whether it be a hat or a scarf, and you’ll be turning necks all winter!