ALL IN THE DETAILS: Peep Those Kicks

January 18th, 2017 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Peep Those Kicks

Hey there! Hope all of your winter breaks went well. I’ve been vegging out at home and catching up with friends, and lately, I’ve had less motivation to dress my best. I blame it on two factors: I’m home (and therefore much lazier) and it’s winter.

Keeping outfits casual, yet interesting can be hard, but it is often the most functional option when you’re home on break running errands or whatnot. No one wants to trudge through slushy parking lots in four inch heels. But, how do you put together casual outfits that still feel stylish? When I ran into this Fashionisto in my hometown’s downtown, I knew I’d found my answer: accessories.

He paired a simple white long sleeve from Nautica with dark wash jeans from American Eagle Outfitters. For his accessories, he added a navy puffer vest that he acquired in France while studying abroad, which added some warmth for being out in the winter weather. He also added a navy blue baseball cap from Vineyard Vines, which complemented the nautical graphics on his shirt. The focus of his outfit, however, was his pristine white high-top sneakers from Nike, which made his outfit look sleek and added a touch of athleisure style. A proclaimed sneakerhead, this Fashionisto owns 18 pairs, among other styles of shoes. These, he told me, were his favorite.

Cool kicks can be seen whether you’re wearing a light vest or a heavy coat, and are comfortable enough to run errands in while still adding some style flair!