Spring temperatures are right around the corner and I would say that everyone is ready for them due to this winter being a treacherous one. But there is still that short timeframe before we actually hit the 60-degree temperature mark and there is still snow on the ground. This weather calls for knee-high socks. These are the perfect accessories for any outfit. These socks peek out of the top of boots, keeping you warm while still adding the final touch to the outfit.

Knee-high socks can be worn with almost any outfit. These socks can be worn with skirts, dresses, leggings, tights and jeans. If it is still too cold to show off too much skin, wear the knee-high socks with jeans, leggings or tights. But if the sun is out and it is a warm day, throw on that dress or skirt that you have been dying to wear and just add a pair of boots along with these socks. A portion of your legs will finally be able to feel the direct sunlight after this long winter. Because it is not nearly warm enough for flip flops just yet, boots and knee-high socks are your best option.

This Fashionista decided to stay covered up by wearing a sweater, jeans, boots and knee-high socks. She wanted to keep it simple and casual. She can just throw on her jacket and head to class. Once she puts her jacket on, the top half of her outfit is hidden but she still has her knee-high socks on, adding the extra flair that the simple outfit needs. Her socks have small buttons going down the side, but there are a multitude of different embellishments and styles these socks come in. Some have lace lining the top, while others are lively colors.

How To: Still too chilly on campus? Imitate the same look this Fashionista decided to go with. You will remain warm while heading from class to class and still looking stylish. Slip into your favorite jeans, slide into a sweater (even a slouchy one) and put on the knee-high socks, a pair of riding boots and a peacoat. Now, if you are somewhere where it is warmer, skip out on the jeans and wear a skirt or a dress with the knee-high socks and boots.