ALL IN THE DETAILS: Peacoat perfection

The peacoat is such a classic wardrobe staple that seems to be absolutely timeless. Ever changing over the generations and sexes but never enough to compromise its classic structure and elegance. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating different looks involving a peacoat and this Fashionista discovered one and structured it to perfection. It screams sophisticated chic while still being fun and flattering. Completely covered collar bone to toe, She is proof that you don’t need to show skin to turn heads!

When going for a more monochromatic look, I think It’s very important to have a variety of good quality fabrics so that they can compliment one another rather than simply blend into one another. This Fashionista is obviously well aware of this style tip. Her tights have a silky shine to them that perfectly contrasts the more dull fabrics in her thick knit peacoat and the vertical knit from her adorable sweater dress complements the horizontal knit of the peacoat. Nothing is the exact same color or texture yet they combine effortlessly!

Another thing to keep in mind with a peacoat is the attention to lines and length. Her level changes are totally ideal for both the separate pieces and for her petite frame, although I think its safe to say that these lengths would work on anyone. The fact that the dress is slightly shorter than the coat while paired with a medium heel allows her to totally lengthen and emphasize her legs. Speaking from a 5 foot 2 inch perspective, we need all the help we can get! That is what is so important to understand about style, and fashion in general. No matter your shape or size,It’s about manipulating fabrics, colors and lengths to flatter your own figure while maintaining your personal style.

That is what turns heads!

How To: Depending on the length of the peacoat, experiment with various lengths of a skirt or dress to see what flatters you the most. A long sweater could easily substitute a mini dress and knee-high or thigh-highs could replace the full length tight to add a subtle sexiness. Just make sure the coat is long enough to make up for the shorter length and hint of skin.