April 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

Springtime makes me think of pastel hues. Light, lush colors look fresh as the days get longer and the flowers start blooming. Luscious lavender. Baby blue. The soft yellow color that makes you think of adorable baby chicks. The light orange of peaches and cream. I could go on, but pastels are just plain pretty. Because these colors are less saturated and light, they can make an outfit appear boring or childish if not styled correctly. This Fashionista shows us how to rock a peachy pink pastel with style.

Her pastel pink blouse is the standout piece of the outfit. Light peachy pink is a beautiful pastel that can veer into childish territory, but the silhouette of the blouse is simple and chic. Her top is flowy and light, perfect for a spring day. The light pink hue is flattering on her skin tone. Instead of keeping her whole outfit light-colored, she pairs her top with jeans, black sandals and a red hijab. Her beautiful red hijab contrasts with her light pink top, adding color and interest to her outfit. To play up the pastel pink of her blouse, she wears a matching colored pendant necklace. Spring is the perfect time to experiment with pastel colors. To avoid looking too cutesy, mix pastels with darker hues and avoid wearing a completely light pastel outfit.

How To: Excited to bust out your new lavender tank or pastel pink blouse? Afraid of looking like a washed-out plain Jane? Have no fear, pastels are your friend! Pair your top with your favorite jeans, simple sandals and a colorful accessory to liven up your look.