ALL IN THE DETAILS: Patterns Galore

As the days get longer and warmer, the addition of bright colors and patterns into everyday wardrobes is inevitable; however, it can be hard to find patterns that are both cute and flattering that do not overwhelm an outfit. One of the easiest, yet most effective, ways of implementing a stylish pattern into an outfit is through a pair of pants.

I know it might sound a little extreme at first, but when done right, patterned pants catapult an outfit, or a springtime wardrobe in general, to a new level of chic. This Fashionista clearly knows how to work patterned pants to her advantage. Paired with a simple white T-shirt and a flowy cardigan, this Fashionista allows the pants to speak for themselves. There is also very minimal jewelry, which works here because nothing is competing with the flowery pattern or trying to overpower the style it brings to the look. This Fashionista also insures that the look is cohesive by keeping one consistent color throughout—navy. By doing this, she insures that the pattern is a part of the overall outfit, not separate from it. In this way, it is possible to allow the pattern to be exuberant, while also not coming off as out of place.

How To: By adding any patterned bottom, this simple, stylish spring look is easily achievable. Skirts and shorts would work, as well. The important thing is to maintain a color scheme throughout; this allows the pattern to flourish instead of falter. From here, novices in the art of patterns can become experts in no time.