ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pattern Powerhouse

High school is all about fitting in, but college is for standing out and being someone. For example, as a junior in high school I found myself sporting the latest Vera Bradley patterns just like 80% of my school’s female population. Florence Nightingale, Baroque and Mocha Rouge were prime staples in my accessories collection. With college life, however, came a new outlook on self-identification and my realization that an Iris Apfel approach to fashion is truly the way to go. When you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t think like everyone else.

This week’s Fashionista brought me back to my days of sporting Vera’s quilted patterns with this bold jacket that she donned to class. However, this outer layer offers a more mature take on my favorite brand in high school. This is due to her use of the layering technique with this patterned piece.

When wearing a bold print and bright colors, like the cobalt and fuchsia of her jacket, keep the other layers subtle. A casual denim button-up and solid overcoat work wonders. For the ultimate layering effect, leave your coat unbuttoned so that the printed jacket of your choice shows through. Not only will layering add color to your ensemble, but it evokes a quirky feel.

Apart from her use of utilitarian outerwear, this Fashionista goes a step further. She uses her sleeves to her advantage, and allows the innermost layer, which is the denim button-up, to peek through. This denim button-up proves to be a crucial piece since it coincides with the light blue that accompanies the cobalt and fuchsia lining the quilted fabric. Treat color as your friend when layering and be sure to don the shades of your most abstract piece. From her shoes to her button-up, this week’s Fashionista layers to perfection.

How To: Spring weather may be upon us, but you can still rock a layered look. Wear this bold patterned jacket over a dress to stay cool and stylish this semester.