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Mixing prints and patterns is not an easy feat. Depending on the size of the patterns and the shapes of the prints, not every pattern and print is created equally, which makes it very difficult to achieve style cohesion when involving more than one in a single look. So much so that even some fashion designers have become experts on them because of their artistry in pattern and prints (think Oscar de la Renta and Marc Jacobs). That being said, anyone who can successfully put together a cool printed and patterned ensemble has impressive style. And that was exactly the case with this Fashionisto.

This Fashionisto is an art student who is constantly creating. His focus is painting, and his work often features deep, rich hues creating depth within the canvas and asymmetrical patterns, which is also reflected in his own personal style. Instead of reaching for the khakis and North Face uniform most guys on Rocky Top sport, this Fashionisto experiments with patterns, prints and textures to achieve a look that is all his own, similar to his artwork.

When I spotted him on campus, he paired gray pants with a black and white vertically striped jersey. Then, he added a blue patterned button-down as an extra layer under his graphic camouflage jacket. Although all these prints are busy in and of themselves, their individual print sizes and colors did not clash, but they complemented each other instead. In terms of accessories, this Fashionisto kept it simple with clear lucite glasses and working boots with mismatched laces, again playing into his cool style.

It’s easy to steer clear of too many prints and patterns. They can be tricky, and most often require a lot more effort of your favorite basic pieces. That being said, this Fashionisto proves that while there can be too many prints in one look, it’s all about finding the harmony between them.

How To: For guys, follow this Fashionisto’s lead and pair stripes with washed-out camouflage. Girls, pair a floral jacket with a patterned skirt. Focus on meshing the prints and patterns, and the rest of your look will fall into place, guaranteed.