ALL IN THE DETAILS: Patches, Patches, And More Patches!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Patches, Patches, And More Patches!

On these chilly December days, the best option is to combine comfortable with refined to create a look that is versatile almost anywhere. This Fashionisto pairs a cozy Adidas T-shirt with a rugged button-down and black joggers to create a layered look that can be worn many different ways. By adding layers, it not only creates more appeal to the eye, but also allows leeway when the temperature heats up because you have the option to remove the button-down. The Fashionisto slicks his hair back with gel, which pairs perfectly with the funky patches on his green button-down to create a hipster look with personality.

Do you have any articles of clothing that need revamping? I know my old pair of Levi’s jeans could use a little work. Heres’s a tip: you can steam on patches to a shirt, pair of jeans or almost anything to create your own look at a more affordable price. I have seen patches sold at Urban Outfitters, which have amusing emojis such as pizza, ice cream, and lightening bolts.

To top off the look, the Fashionisto wears khaki colored Adidas NMD’s, which adds a chicer feel to the style. NMD’s can be found at Foot Locker, KITH and other retailers. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so pick out one that best suits you!

To add even more style to his getup, he adds a rose gold cartilage hoop. As you can see, his outfit is fairly simple, but with an added cartilage piercing and Apple Watch, it gives the outfit more of a grungy look. Hope you guys enjoyed reading!