ALL IN THE DETAILS: Oversized And Knee-Highs

The countdown to summer weather has officially begun! After springing forward recently I have a serious case of spring fever. I can’t wait to feel the sunshine on my skin, wear floppy hats and sip Starbucks green tea. With recent sneak peaks of high temperatures (and when I say high, I mean 65 degrees) everyone on campus was outside in T-shirts, hanging on their porch and bumping tunes.

Spring and fall are by far the best seasons for fashion. Those in-between temperatures give you leeway to mix your summer and winter accessories together into the current season. I spotted this Fashionista from afar. Her standout accessory mix caught my eye. This look is very Rihanna meets MIA, with risky lengths and bold statement pieces. I loved this Fashionistas T-shirt dress, she told me it was a large men’s shirt she converted to a day dress. T-shirt dresses are hot right now and can be easily found in stores, already made for women. Forever 21 has a maxi version that I adore!

This Fashionista’s knee-high socks were my favorite accessory on her. They drew me in and kept me looking to see what else her outfit consisted of. I love to add knee-highs to my outfits when I feel like I’m missing something.

How To: Hit up Urban Outfitters men’s sale rack for a large T-shirt that can be worn as a dress (the men’s sale has all the deals). Since they are often short, add a pair of knee-highs to cover more leg.