ALL IN THE DETAILS: Overall, the '90s are Back!

Overalls are the ideal fashion statement for spring- and no longer only for farmers or mechanics, but for college students as well!

The versatility of overalls can overwhelm and scare away many shoppers (including me). Long? Short? Light wash? Dark wash? Acid-wash? Ripped? Baggy? Tight? Girly? Edgy? Fancy? Casual? These are stressful decisions when purchasing/wearing overalls!

Overalls have been in and out of the denim world for years, peaking in the ’90s and making a strong comeback in the past year. Overalls can be worn in so many ways. My personal favorite way to style overalls is simply. Which is exactly how this Fashionista rocked them. She has put a neutral colored, tight fit turtleneck underneath her dark gray long overalls. Pairing overalls with neutral colored items helps because the overalls are such a statement in themselves that you do not need bright colors or patterns to complete the outfit. A loose fit crop top is an alternative to her tight turtleneck, especially in the hotter months. Overalls also look extremely trendy with a flannel or button up over them or wrapped around your waist.

Overalls can be worn with a variety of shoes, but I think they look best when paired with casual shoes, like the black hightop converse she is wearing. Due to being so versatile, they can also be paired with; flats, sandals, heels or combat boots depending on what kind of vibe you are going for. Embrace this retro fashion trend, Fashionistas!

How To: First of all, go buy a pair of overalls that fit your shape, style and the season. Right now it is spring, so buy long overalls and roll the ankle up into a capri like this fashionista did! Pair the overalls with a cute pair of sneakers and a tight fit T-shirt. Remember to make sure that the overalls are the boldest item that you are wearing, so they stand out!