April 28th, 2016 at 2:10am

I spotted this Fashionista from across the street and ran quickly, while shouting at her, in order to capture this look. I noticed her style because of the unique proportions, silhouettes and colors, but as I got closer, the items that drew my attention most were her skirt and shoes.

This Fashionista was wearing the perfect transition outfit, for going from winter to spring, especially considering weather in Virginia has been chilly lately. Since we have been switching on and off between very hot weather and very cold weather, it’s hard to decide what to wear every morning, but this Fashionista hit the sartorial nail on the head. She started her look with the base color—burgundy, navy and black—and seemed to build an entire outfit around those. Even though there were many contrasting patterns and textures, it all fit together perfectly because of the matching color scheme.

When I got closer and finally noticed her shoes, I silently mumbled “OMG” under my breath because I had never seen such cute shoes before. The embroidered burgundy shoes, that featured the Eiffel Tower on one side and a small Parisian sign on the other, stood out and seemed to command the entire outfit even though they were the smallest feature.

Her plaid and pleated midi skirt was what originally caught my eye because normally plaid is thought of as a winter pattern, especially when made of darker colors, but instead the skirt was worked into a spring outfit. It matched everything and even seemed light and breezy despite the darker colors!

This Fashionista has obviously perfected her spring look and I’m totally feeling her Parisian vibes. Next time you wonder what to wear, maybe try out something similar and work a new midi skirt and old leather jacket into your routine! Just don’t forget the adorable flats to go with it.

How To: Taking a cue from this Fashionista’s look (but with a lighter colored twist), start off with a patterned midi skirt and a matching solid colored top, then finish the look with a leather jacket and some adorable stitched flats like these similar Paris-inspired ones or these. Or maybe even DIY your own!