It’s safe to say that 2015’s fall and winter fashions have been 50 shades of green, and I don’t mean by all of the money you’re losing from holiday shopping! One of the most fabulous (and trendy) colors of the season has been olive and army green. As Khloé Kardashian stated in an Instagram post, “Ladies, I’m tellin’ you, army green is the new black!” Pay attention as this Fashionisto shows us how to rock one of the greatest pieces: the olive green pant.

Wearing a colored pant, like this Fashionisto’s pair of olive green khakis from Old Navy, is a great way to bring a dull outfit to life. The style of the pant allows for one to create a casual, business casual or even business appropriate look. And the great thing about olive green? The color does not discriminate! It looks amazing on every skin tone, gender or size. Muted or darker colors are essential for fall and winter. After picking a statement piece in one of these colors, pair it with a nude or neutral like white, nude, gray or black to allow the statement color to pop. This Old Navy heather gray shawl-collar sweater complements the olive green tone (at an affordable price, too!). The subtle color variance of the knit sweater adds more texture to the ensemble.

To polish off this business casual look, this lad threw on a classic pair of taupe oxfords to keep the focus of the outfit on the olive pant. As a finishing accessory, throw on a pair of original all-black Ray-Bans to ensure your hotline always blings.

How To: Not sure if rocking the colored pant is for you? For the ladies, try pairing an olive green felt hat with your favorite skinny jeans and pumps! Going for a more laid-back look? Match an olive green oversized sweater with some comfortable leggings and booties for a more casual look. No matter how you style it, olive green is always a fabulous choice! For the lads, try a pair of Michael Jordan olive green Futures paired with a black button-up and black pant. This will allow the olive green tone to stand out in a laid back, stylish way. Also try an olive green knit sweater, perfect for any family occasion.