ALL IN THE DETAILS: Not Your Grandmother's Turtle Neck

As the weather begins to get colder it can be difficult to find an outfit that will both look cute and keep you warm on your lengthly walks to class each day.  It can start to seem like you are rotating between the same few scarves everyday and hoping that no one questions whether you are doing your laundry. Turtlenecks are a great alternative to stay warm on a chilly autumn day, but they can be intimidating.  This Fashionista shows us how to make a cozy turtleneck look chic and trendy and avoid feeling as though your outfit is something you could also find in your grandmother’s closet. 

By choosing a long and fitted sweater, this Fashionista sets her turtleneck apart from the usual loose waist-length sweater.  The tight fit prevents this conservative top from looking frumpy, and the length makes it the perfect option to pair with leggings. The neck line is also slightly lower than the typical turtleneck.  It is still high enough to keep her warm, but not so high that she has fabric up to her chin.  The warm beige color is highlighted perfectly by her rich chocolate boots. She pairs the ensemble with a tan cross-body bag.  She keeps her accessories minimal, with a few simple bracelets and a pair of bronze statement earrings. The earrings work well with her look because the bronze perfectly compliments the browns of her outfit.

How To: If you want to rock a turtleneck but are a little nervous about looking outdated try choosing one that has a tighter fit and a slightly lower neck. Keep your look trendy and youthful by adding a fun pair of earrings.  Paired with your coziest leggings you will be warm and stylish for those chilly fall days.