ALL IN THE DETAILS: Not Your Average Mom Jeans

April 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Jeans have been a fashion staple since miners made them fetch in the 1880s. Babies start wearing diaper-accommodating jeggings before they’re one and grandparents wear their mom jeans higher than their belly buttons. In order to accommodate this wide range of tastes, the fashion industry has altered the classic blue jean in an infinite number of ways; from bootleg to skinny, from dark wash to white, from ripped to absolutely destroyed. Just when we thought we’ve exhausted our options, another variation is created.

This Fashionista shows us the newest denim detail craze. Her skinny jeans look like any other half of a Canadian Tuxedo until the embroidery and paint peek through. These jeans use mixed-media to write out inspirational words of wisdom like, “I’m ready for a new adventure” and “Free spirits NEVER burn out.” These little messages bring an unexpected element of fun to jeans that doesn’t comprise their versatility. This pair can still be paired with a fun top to go out, or a sweater and the latest “it” sneaker for class, like our Fashionista did here.

This particular pair of jeans were bought with these accents, but this could be your newest DIY obsession. And if you never listened to your grandmother’s embroidery tips? One word. Patches. They come in all shapes and sizes, in every popular graphic desired from emojis to Queen Bey herself. Some even come with the option to iron them on, so you don’t have to break out the glue gun or needle and thread.

How To: Not confident you can pull these graphic jeans off? Don’t worry. You can. Pair them with a comfy T-shirt and sandals for the incoming warm weather and heads will turn your way.