After New Year’s, the cold and snow tend to get old. Everyone’s ready for summer and just want to dress in comfy clothes until then. Instead of throwing on ugly sweats, there are many other ways to face the cold weather being comfortable but still looking good.

This Fashionisto decided to go for a very monotone look. A good black outfit is always a good go-to basic ensemble. However, sometimes all black can be a little repetitive and boring. Which is why adding a few pops here and there, can take it from boring black to something more interesting.

Rather than a basic all black pair of socks, this Fashionisto added printed socks. He also rolled up his pants so they were visible. Sticking with the black theme, he chose to wear a pair of black shoes that had hints of brown and white so there was a little more going on that just plain black. For his sweatshirt, he wore a dark heather gray hoodie to differ from the black jacket and pants, but still not have an overwhelming color difference. Lastly, for his jacket, he wore a bomber-like style with a symbol on it instead of just plain black. This way, there is something to grab a person’s attention, but again, it’s not overwhelming.

Looking stylish but staying comfortable sometimes seems like a hard thing to do. However, when you put on your favorite basic comfy clothes and add little pops throughout the outfit, you’d be surprised at how RAD you look while still being oh so comfortable.