September 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

In the study of perception, a very simple concept of color becomes very fascinating. Retinal cones in the human eye decipher colors of the visible light spectrum through transmission to the brain. Though two people may agree on a color, how they perceive the color may vary. Put simply, your green and my green may be two completely different colors, because we have no way of seeing through each other’s eyes.

Color is an essential component of fashion, such as knowing which colors work well together and which colors clash. However, when you do not want to spend time pondering your colors, there are other ways to look good. The color black is, by definition, an absence of color, whereas white is the combination of all colors. Coincidentally, they always pair well together.

I present to you Exhibit A, a Fashionista who knows exactly what she is doing. Dressing in neutral colors does not have to be dull, and can be made interesting with the right balance of patterns and accessories. As seen here, a patterned skirt with a simple top keeps things simultaneously interesting and classic. A large statement necklace and a pair of combat boots bring a little edge into this neutral zone. Finally, a simple clutch and some basic jewelry bring this entire look together.

Color is visually pleasing to the eyes, but that is not to say that a lack of color is offensive. Now that you’ve seen how someone else wearing their perception of neutrals, how will you?

How To: Black, white, gray and brown are your basic neutral palette. If you are wearing basic clothing, go with bold jewelry and shoes, and feel free to add some color to your outfit through your accessories! If you want to draw attention to a patterned article of clothing, keep everything else in your outfit simple. Be creative and have fun with it!