ALL IN THE DETAILS: Nautically Nice

Why limit yourself to one nautical detail, when you can rock the whole look like a boating boss? That’s exactly what this Fashionisto did. There’s an undeniable hint of wealth and class in every nautical-themed look. But, you don’t need a sea of money to achieve something so similar!

The Nautical influences are all in the prints. What screams “sea lover” more than sailboats and stripes? His tie was purchased at a tourist shop in Plymouth, Massachusetts, an obvious reference to the prime roots of New England history. The sailboat and Plymouth rock prints not only add a topic of conversation to the look, but reflect this Fashionisto and Political Science major’s love of history. He may not know this himself, but this small detail directly hints at his greater passions (besides always looking rad).

Another stylistic element that he was keen to recognize was the strength in contrasting colors. By pairing a dark navy against a bright pink button-down, passers-by are invited to take a closer look at the details of the outfit, and his desert oxfords quietly let his tie and watch steal the show!

Here, this Fashionisto chose to mix both expensive and inexpensive pieces for the most unique and eye-catching look. By pairing a tourist tie (his was just 15 dollars) with a more expensive sport coat from JCPenney, this Fashionisto made the sailing style affordable, and totally achievable.

How To: A sport coat, a pop of pink color, khakis, some contrast and unique conversation-starting accessories are all you need to imitate this look. This Fashionisto even went the extra mile by swapping out his original brown leather watch band for a striped, canvas band to complete the look. Voila! Who knew nautical style could stretch the whole mile?