As we approach early July, summer sets in and with it comes bright, bold colors. Introducing bright color into an outfit can be quite daunting, which is why I like to start off with little hints of color that glimmer in the corner of your eye. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is with nail polish.

This Fashionista and I were chasing after “Insta-famous” wall art across Soho in Hong Kong when we found this wall and I just had to photograph it. The pops of orange from her nail polish (Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel in Marmalade 110) and specks of blue from her top, perfectly complemented the complementary colors on the painted wall. This Fashionista wears a flirty, floral halter crop top and keeping with the feminine vibe, pairs it with high-waisted lace shorts, both from Forever 21. To balance out the color, our Fashionista accessorizes with neutral tones: a taupe Kate Spade cross-body, simple white sandals and a delicate crystal heart necklace.

How To: Pairing complementary colors from your outfit with your nails is a simple look for any Fashionista wanting to wear a pop of color without going overboard. Be prepared to practice picking the right pair and balance of complementary colors because, without careful consideration your outfit may end up looking like a basketball jersey (e.g. purple and yellow = the Lakers). Finding the right shade of nail polish is crucial to pulling off this look. Depending on your skin’s natural undertone (warm, cool or neutral), certain tones of orange (or any bright color) may pair better. Essie, one of my favorite nail polish brands, allows you to look at a whole range of orange options on their website. Check out the color Clambake, an appropriately named shade perfect for summer! Just to be safe, I recommend heading over to your local drugstore and seeing the colors in person next to your skin/outfit before buying such a daring color.