ALL IN THE DETAILS: Monochrome Madness

With the semester winding down and finals quickly coming up, it becomes easy to sacrifice style to squeeze in a few extra minutes to study. However, this Fashionisto’s monochromatic look shows you that you can find a balance between being prepared for class and still looking good.

Monochrome looks are some of the fastest outfits to pull off because you only need to work with different shades of the same color. Pair this information with dark or neutral colors and you’re guaranteed to look chic through minimal effort.

This Fashionisto fully embraces monochrome through his all-black ensemble. He first pairs a plain, black T-shirt with black skinny jeans. He cuffs these jeans to ensure that his black combat boots can be seen as well. Finally, to protect him against the harsh Indiana weather this Fashionisto throws on a black leather jacket with silver details and a gray patterned scarf. The gray of the scarf, while still a neutral color, helps break up the outfit and draw attention to the Fashionisto’s face. Additionally, the metal detailing on his jacket help add a bit of shine that can be seen clearly in the sun.

All of these pieces together make the Fashionisto look extremely put-together and city-chic as he prepares to take on a full day of classes.

How To: Monochromatic looks are quick, simple and chic. Chances are, you don’t even have to buy anything new to complete this look! First pick a neutral color like black or gray. Then find basic pieces in this color (various shades are acceptable and encouraged) and put them all together. Finally, add a pop of a different color on your shoes or other accessories to add some excitement.