There is a growing presence of eclectic pieces in fashion. People mix metals with their jewelry and wear multiple patterns or styles at once. A very common way to see this trend is with Alex and Ani bracelets. Often wearers will combine these popular silver and gold bangles to create a personalized effect, but this style is restricted to one brand. I’m seeing so many new ways of putting together things that we previously kept separate. It seems that mixing and matching is the next big thing.

This Fashionista perfectly embodies this style. She mixes a leather skirt with a velvet top and a knit beanie. My favorite part of her outfit however is the jewelry. Pairing these pieces really bring the look together and give it a funky and fresh vibe. She chose a black choker necklace, stacked silver rings and a pair of dangly gold earrings for her creative ensemble. While her clothes are cute, its the accessories that make this outfit. They give it the extra pop it needs and shows this Fashionista’s one-of-a-kind fashion sense.

I also love this look so much because it’s unique and you can do so much with it. Accessories are so much fun to play around with and this look lets you try new combinations and styles.

How To: You can get this look by grabbing a few different pieces of your favorite jewelry and mixing not only the kind of metal, but also the style. Try some blinged out silver rings with a cute pair of gold spike studs.