One of the best parts of summer is the entrance of excited freshmen onto Grounds. This week marked the first orientation session at the University of Virginia and I was lucky enough to run into this fashionable girl on my way home. Not only was her outfit adorable and perfect for the two days of fun, but she was beaming with smiles the entire time as well.

I noticed this Fashionista because of her shorts. The mint green seersucker shorts paired perfectly with her simple white top and she accented the outfit with stacks of matching jewelry. I’m biased toward the color mint and pastels in general, but I particularly feel that pastels look amazing in the summertime. Though most people assume they are only suited for spring, they look great in the warm weather months too. The best thing about pastel colors is anyone can wear them and they can be paired in a number of ways.

With the seersucker pattern standing out, her accessories took a backseat; however, this does not mean they didn’t play a vital part as well. The Fashionista decided on the “stacking” approach for her jewelry. With the rest of outfit fairly simple, as she wore camel colored flats and kept her natural beauty standing out, she did the perfect thing with her jewelry. Her wrist, stacked with bracelets and a watch, was its own mixing board of old and new. The shiny metals and rough leather contrasted well with each other to create a pretty and understated look. The same occurred on her neck with her stacked necklaces. They were mostly hidden under the top ruffle of her shirt, but they still peeked through for an extra ‘something’.

This Fashionista definitely came fashion ready to orientation and I’m sure she has plenty of more cute outfits planned for the upcoming year!

How To: Want to wear a pastel seersucker too, but not sure where to start? Try pairing your shorts or skirt with a top in a contrasting pastel color or white. The colors will play off each other nicely to keep you from looking too washed out.