ALL IN THE DETAILS: Minimalist Journalist

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Minimalist Journalist

March is going mad with the newest trends arriving this spring! Stay true to yourself while trying new things by accessorizing and styling. Throughout these pictures you will notice a common theme of details in the bronze and nickle touches in the look. From the buttons on the overalls to the messenger bag hardware, this displays how simple touches in this outfit pull this simple urban look together.

Working towards her Bachelor of Science in journalism, this Fashionista is faced with needing to spring into action to get a story and looking the part at her internship and school. Transitioning into the spring season on a college campus can be difficult when everyone gets too excited for spring break and wants to wear all shorts or T-shirts. We solve this by keeping the materials lightweight and flexible for those days that are still breezy and cold, but won’t be sweaty if the sun comes out.

For instance, this knit turtleneck is a great option to keep it casual and conservative at the office, but easy to put on in the morning for class. Finding colors like this yellow is a great way to make an outfit stand out and show your personality. In addition, for those jeans on casual Fridays can now take a new twist with this pair of overalls. I think everyone should have at least one pair, whether it is just for doing work around the house or dressing them up for work, because it can be a versatile piece to anyone’s wardrobe.

Then when it comes to accessorizing, these round shades are a great go-to accessory for driving around the city all day getting that next story. Keeping things classic and holding everything you need, every journalist has to have a messenger bag. Finally, this Fashionista shows that she can do it all with a great lace-up boot giving her the mobility and style to go everywhere.

It is important to know that when you are working towards your dream job, you need to stay true to your style while staying professional. This can help you in the long run and keep a great lasting impression on you as you advance after graduating.