ALL IN THE DETAILS: Minimalism is More

Less is always more. This Fashionisto’s style is definitely giving me Urban Minimalist. Minimalism is an aesthetic that is taking the fashion industry by storm. This aesthetic is raw and edgy, but simple; it really shines light on the details in an outfit. Designers like Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang have inspired this look. Of course, this Fashionisto added in his own flare to the style by pairing it with sneakers.

I love this Fashionisto’s outfit because it’s simple and has a one-of-a-kind piece: the 1994 Atlanta Olympics leather baseball cap. His grandfather collects hats and gave him the baseball cap as a gift. This Fashionisto got his grandfather’s style for his outfit of the day. Style Advice of the week: Any relative that was stylish back in their day has great vintage closet pieces you can wear today! It’s like going to your personal thrift shop; less people and more variety.

How To: To recreate this Fashionisto’s look is easy. Instead of wearing shorts, try the Defend Paris Drop Crotch Sweatshorts with the BDG Raw-Edge Short Sleeve Pullout Sweatshirt. When it comes to shoes, you can wear sneakers, but keep an eye on the price. Don’t be afraid to find another sneaker to pair your outfit with. In my opinion, finding an exclusive sneaker is more stylish than buying a pair of sneakers everyone has. Recreating this look can be simple because it’s all about the detail when it comes to minimalism.